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PBM Realty Holdings Inc. (PBMR) covers every single aspect of Realty, Assets and Property Management in Barrie. Over 1.2-million square feet of industrial and commercial real estate, resulting in substantial savings via the sheer volume of maintenance we provide.

Peter B. Moore founded PBM Realty Holdings Inc. in the year 1986.  After NAFTA was introduced in 1989 followed by the early 1990's recession, Peter saw the opportunity to purchase a number of large vacant buildings in the Greater Barrie Area that were previously owned by multi-national corporations and used as branch plants.  With the introduction of NAFTA, most of those branch plants closed creating an abundance of industrial space in the local market place for sale. 

Peter knew that Barrie had been designated by the Ontario government as a "place to grow" and he had the vision to realize that one day there would be a high demand for Industrial space for lease in Barrie.  During the mid-90's to mid-2000's, PBM Realty Holdings Inc. acquired over 1M square feet of Industrial real estate in the Barrie area making it the largest owner of cost effective Industrial Real Estate for lease in Barrie.  Although PBMR sold several assets in recent years, today, PBM Realty Holdings Inc. still owns, operates and manages over 1.2M sq. ft. with over 40 tenants and 9 full time employees.

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